Totally Otis is a 5-piece powerhouse playing a wide array of Rock, Dance, Classic Rock, Funk, Southern Rock, and Soul from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today.  Otis was formed when former Junction 299 members Marc Howell (Guitar), Rob Dwyer (Bass), Marty Hobbs (Drums), and Tom Wilson (Keys) joined forces with Hank Sinatra and Artimus Pyle Band guitarist Tommy Cooper   The result.. a tight, skilled rock-n-roll machine with the skill, ability, and experience to bring the house down! 


About Marc:

 Marc hails from Rocky Mount, NC "The Rock".  Now... there's not a whole lot going on at The Rock, so rather spending his youth aimlessly (and mindlessly) cruising up and down Sunset Blvd seeing the same people night after night, or dropping quarter after quarter in the Donkey-Kong machine at Dandy's Video Arcade, he chose instead to 'woodshed' up in his room and learn how to play guitar.  Since those  days, he's been bashing out everything from Speed Metal, Punk, Grunge, and Alternative to Disco, Funk, and Pop.  …  and has been musically influenced by every last bit of it.  After a brief stint in a band with Marty (called Clementine), he played with Marty and Rob in Junction299.  Now, at the demise of Junction299, he's now looking forward to ripping up with Totally Otis.




About Rob:

Rob was born and raised by Red Wolves in and around Raleigh, NC.  Found roaming the rolling hills and creeks in the vicinity of Umstead Park and the encroaching development of Medfield Estates, he was brought to civilization in the late 60s and placed into the Wake County Public School System.  Between the 3rd and 7th grades he wound up taking piano lessons to broaden his human horizons.  He ultimately turned his attention to the guitar in 1979 but since several buddies from the neighborhood (as well as a few from his old pack) could pick circles around him he decided to switch to bass in 1982, taking lessons from none other than ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. Well…the lessons were by way of vinyl but after getting Tush and the like down he was on his way.  Later efforts to imitate Steve Harris and Geddy Lee only opened up new musical horizons for Rob, who after a nearly 6-year stint with Junction 299 is now helping Marty keep time with Totally Otis, coming to a juke joint near you!  Viva Canis rufus, my crepuscular brothers!!

About Marty:

Marty worked at a convenience store while he was a senior in high school. One evening at work, after staring down the barrel of a gun, he decided he did not want to ever be around money again. He turned to music. Although starving musician was never a career goal of Marty's, it has been much safer. To augment his income from music, he's a technical support analyst for a software company in Cary, NC.

It was at this software company he met Rob and Marc, both talented musicians. In early 2009 Rob introduced us to Tommy Cooper another talented musician. As a result, Totally Otis stumbled into existence.

Marty began playing drums at an early age after being influenced by the drum solo in Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." His musical influences have been numerous and varied. These influences have been critical - given the wide range of music and styles that Totally Otis plays.

Before Totally Otis, Marty has splintered, whittled and otherwise reduced drumsticks to sawdust in a couple of bands. Most recently Junction299.



About Tommy:  

A mild-mannered real estate broker by day, Tommy Cooper turns into a guitar-slinger for Totally Otis by night! A former member of local NC favorites The Stegmonds and current member of original recording act Hank Sinatra and Southern rockers The Flying Whales (featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle),TC handles rhythm and lead guitar and backup vocals.

He's a native of Cary NC and has been playing since age 14. He was raised-up (as we say in the south) on everything from NC/SC beach music and the soul/funk sounds of James Brown, Motown and Parliament to the southern rock sounds of The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd and all of the way through the Classic Rock spectrum to the reggae vibe of Jamaica.

As a member of the Stegmonds (once one of the region's top-drawing club/party acts), Tommy toured the east coast from Maryland down to Georgia and all over NC playing the best of classic rock to crowds from fifty to upwards of three thousand.

As a member of Hank Sinatra, TC has recorded two albums and played numerous shows including Nashville radio's Americana Tonight Show, The world-famous Continental Club in Austin Texas and had the opportunity to back up Nashville recording artist and song writer extraordinaire Phil Lee.

As a member of The Flying Whales, TC has played numerous shows with Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Drummer Artimus Pyle, CMT Big Break Winner Woody Wood and former Stegmond and recording artist Sam Earnhardt.

Blessed (or cursed in some instances) with the ability to remember a million songs (even bad ones that won't go away) TC helps Totally Otis draw from a large and diverse database of music.

About Tom:

Tom was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC, the home of the Marshall Tucker Band. After learning "Heart and Soul" on the piano at age 5, his parents signed him up for piano lessons, mainly because they were sick of hearing "Heart and Soul" every day.

After studying classical music for a few years, Tom discovered the demon rock 'n roll, and his downward slide into delinquency began. He began to worship keyboard masters like Keith Emerson, Elton John, and Billy Joel. He also lived on a steady diet of southern rock and hard rock, with influences from the Allman Brothers to King Crimson. His wide range of musical interests fit right in with Totally Otis' eclectic mix.

Tom still likes Beethoven and Chopin, but these days he's into rockin' out as TO's newest member.


For booking, contact Marc at 919-357-1735 or send EMail to